Turkall Wedding

The Turkall's got married at the M resort here in Las Vegas.  The suite was stunning and perfect for their intimate ceremony. 
One of my favorite parts of photographing weddings is getting to witness all different types of love stories.  These two have a fun love.  They laughed constantly and have endless inside jokes with each other.  I love couples that like to be silly and have fun together!



casper wedding

When a bride contacts you and you have the same last name you have a sort of instant bond!  That's what happened when Evelyn reached out to me about doing a bridal session.  The couple got married at the Linq in Las Vegas, NV.  One of the coolest parts of being a wedding photographer in Las Vegas is that you get a wide range of weddings.  From intimate elopements to luxurious ball room weddings and everything in between. 

I enjoyed every minute with this lovely couple even if the bride did have to change her last name. ;)


Katie + Matthew Bridal Session

Katie + Matthew are two of the kindest people I have met.  They spent so much of their session laughing together.  They are truly such a sweet pair.  You can feel how much they love each other and how much fun they have just being together.

paintersubmission (1 of 5).jpg
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I love that Katie + Matthew wanted to do a "first look" and bridal session prior to their wedding day.  I love "first look" sessions because couples are free to feel their full depth of emotion when seeing each other for the first time without anyone watching.  It makes the moment so much more intimate. 

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How sweet is this?  They brought the letters that they wrote each other while Matthew was on his mission trip.