Hey guys!

I'm the chick behind the camera.  I am a full time wedding and elopement photographer currently based on the central coast of California.  I love traveling, hiking, buying all the plants and eating all the burritos.  I am a California girl through and through.  I could spend all day everyday on the beach and I pretty much do.  I'm married to my best friend, as cheesy as that sounds.  We drive each other bananas but there is literally no one else I would rather spend a lazy day at home with.  He's the Patrick to my Spongebob.  Ya. We watch Spongebob.  We have three kids that keep us busy, humble and making cartoon references on our professional website.   

I started my photography business 2 years ago.  I have been passionate about all forms of art my entire life.  I have also dabbled in almost every business known to man.  Sold pampered chef, sold crafts and party supplies, drew portraits etc. etc.  But, nothing ever felt like home until the day I shot my first wedding.  It is truly a humbling and soul filling experience to spend a day capturing love!  I believe it is an honor!

I'm all about photographing what is really real.  You will run, jump, dance and play when I'm your photographer.  You will hear a lot of "don't look at me."  I love the candid and genuine moments full of laughter, tears and quirks.  I want to hear your love story and translate that through photographs.  

I take your tender moments and turn them into timeless art.

If you are looking for someone to capture your adventure please hop over and "say hello".

*about me photograph by LWH portraits